ArtMorpheus is an impact-driven non-profit that empowers artists and creative entrepreneurs to develop, flourish and innovate. We connect the creative sector to a wide range of sustaining resources, strategies for growth and tools for public engagement. By supporting the creative sector, we strive to strengthen local economies and enhance community vibrancy.


Since our founding in 2010, ArtMorpheus’ has impacted thousands of artists and art lovers. Our capacity development services have connected more than 1,200 creative minds with tools to sustain artistic practices, grow businesses, enrich communities and strengthen creative economies. Additionally, our social enterprise, New Art Love, has connected more than 3,000 art lovers to artists and creative organizations.


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    • Building Entrepreneurial Capacity
      To date, our individual consultations and referrals as well as our career development workshops and innovative marketing tools have assisted more than 500 artists from 73 zip codes with recordkeeping, legal issues, business development, and more. Our in-house consultant has over 25 years of experience managing business initiatives and projects in the arts and has helped hundreds of creative entrepreneurs navigate regulations, receive grants and loans as well as other sources of project funding.


  • Collaboration and Partnerships
    ArtMorpheus works collaboratively with local, regional and national organizations to connect creative people to the specialized support their unique projects require. We offer and share with artists, organizations, and businesses a broad and ever-expansive scope of resources necessary for creative and entrepreneurial development. Our extensive partnership network as well as our innovative projects and cross-sector consulting help creative enterprises develop sustainable practices and engage with an art-loving community. 


  • Impacting Public Art Permitting and Licensing
    ArtMorpheus initiated a project to document the permitting process for public art in Boston and facilitate knowledge sharing to spur improvements to the process. The project produced an overview (which can be downloaded on our RESOURCES page), a flowchart, an outline and a detailed report. This project came to fruition through months of dedicated research conducted by Abbagail Geroux, Esq., Fellow, Center for Law and Social Responsibility, New England Law, Boston.


  • Empowering People to Discover Art they Love
    In 2012, ArtMorpheus co-founded New Art Love, a social enterprise that leverages technology to unify art and culture communities. New Art Love has since created five mobile apps to enhance the following cultural events: Fenway Alliance’s Opening Our Doors festival, as well as Open Studios events in the South End, Cambridge and Allston. New Art Love also pioneered ArtApp Boston+, an app that makes discovering Massachusetts’ exhibition spaces, public art sites and art events easy and enjoyable. New Art Love mobile apps promote cultural economic development by breaking down silos that exist in the cultural landscape. They make rtists and art venues more visible and increase engagement with local culture.


  • Strengthening the Creative Economy
    At ArtMorpheus, we know that where artists and creative visionaries thrive, communities flourish. By fostering relationships between creative enterprises and the individuals that will both love and support them, we help transform creative potential into meaningful and sustainable contributions to a vital creative economy.


    • Accelerating Creative Industries
      The Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development (EOHED) and MassVentures partnered with MassChallenge and ArtMorpheus for a project designed to gain insight into Massachusetts’ creative industry companies and organizations with high growth potential. ArtMorpheus collaborated with the EOHED Director of Creative Industries to develop a tool for assessing entrepreneur strengths, weaknesses, and identify the specialized resources they need for growth. We compiled data from meetings with creative companies and survey results and to develop a report that evaluates opportunities for new creative ventures and obstacles to the resiliency and growth of Creative Industries in Massachusetts. Our goal is 1) to better understand the challenges that creative companies face, 2) to vet interest from angel and VC funders, and 3) to leverage additional investment in creative companies


      • Placemaking and Community Development
        ArtMorpheus is working with community-based partners, local residents, artists, and businesses on the Uphams Corner ArtPlace project. The project is dedicated to creating a vibrant and livable business district strengthened through an active local creative economy. Our role manifests in two primary facets: executing support and envisioning long-term sustainability. We are providing local artisans and artists of all disciplines with business development assistance, as well as creating a new marketplace in Uphams Corner. With Uphams Corner Main Street, we co-produced a series of pilot open markets, two outdoors and one indoors at the Strand Theater. ArtMorpheus partnered with Boston University School of Management and collaborated with Uphams Corner Main Street to develop a feasibility plan for sustaining an ongoing Open Market.


    • Advocating for Artists Rights and Cultural Policy
      ArtMorpheus is a founding member of the Massachusetts Artists Leadership Coalition and one of the organizations sought out to advise cultural policy in Greater Boston.