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The Fairmount Cultural Corridor (FCC) is a placemaking initiative that draws upon the local cultural assets and ethnic traditions along the Fairmount Indigo Commuter Line to support vibrant, livable neighborhoods along the Corridor strengthened by an active, sustainable local creative economy.


The work of the FCC is possible through the innovative, collaborative and powerful vision and efforts of artists, community organizations, businesses and local residents upon whose cultural ethnic traditions it draws. ARTMORPHEUS joined the FCC collaboration in 2013 for its pilot program in Upham’s Corner, and in 2015 is expanding the scope of the project by launching the Fairmount Creative Industries Lab and Accelerator.


Funded by ArtPlace America and the Boston Foundation, the first FCC project sought to revitalize Upham’s Corner as a center of neighborhood arts and ethnic culture, fostering cultural and economic activity through a variety of strategies and interventions including installations, random acts of culture, outdoor markets, and complementary business activity in and around the Strand Theater and the Upham’s Corner transit stop.


Business Support for Artists and Creative Ventures

As part of the first project, ARTMORPHEUS provided workshops and strategies to promote sustainability for individual artists, artisans and cultural ventures and lay the foundation for cultivating a thriving creative economy in the Fairmount Corridor.


The UP Market

Collaborating with Uphams Corner Main Street, ARTMORPHEUS engaged a team of graduate students at Boston University’s School of Management, Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership to develop a feasibility plan for the UP Market, a series of outdoor and indoor events.


The UP Market brings together local artists, crafters and food producers to create an affordable destination marketplace and help leverage the economic benefits of arts and culture. UP Markets are held in partnership with festivals, fairs and other cultural events from July through December. A core element of the creative placemaking efforts in Upham’s Corner, the Market weaves together a community space, local artists, businesses and residents.


In 2014 the FCC Initiative received new support from ArtPlace America, and additional support from the Boston Foundation, the Barr Foundation, Kresge Foundation and Surdna Foundation to expand its work along the Corridor.  As part of the expansion, ARTMORPHEUS is transforming underutilized commercial space in the Fairmount Corridor into a first of-its-kind cross-sector idea lab, center for business and culture and venture accelerator.


The Fairmount Innovation Lab (FIL) is a cross-disciplinary accelerator, incubator and hub for supporting creative and social enterprise along the Fairmount Indigo Corridor.


The Lab’s accelerator fosters community, entrepreneurial growth and the dreams of highly capable and passionate innovators within under-represented communities. In addition to leveraging their ideas to establish viable economic pathways for themselves, their families and community, participants in our selective four month program are typically building creative enterprises or solving ubiquitous social problems. We provide highly motivated, talented cohorts with prime co-working space, a lean business boot camp, mentors and more.


The incubator provides Fairmount Indigo Corridor entrepreneurial residents with an access point for cross-disciplinary workshops, network building and a range of resources.


We also offer community space for meetings, exhibitions, idea exchange, educational and cultural events-including performances and talks.


FIL is part of the Fairmount Cultural Corridor, a collaborative Placemaking initiative and partnership which draws upon the local cultural assets and ethnic traditions along the Fairmount Commuter Line to support vibrant, livable neighborhoods and an active, sustainable local creative economy.


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