Fairmount Innovation Lab logo

The Fairmount Innovation Lab (FIL) is a cross-disciplinary accelerator, incubator and hub for supporting creative and social enterprise along the Fairmount Indigo Corridor.


The Lab’s accelerator fosters community, entrepreneurial growth and the dreams of highly capable and passionate innovators within under-represented communities. In addition to leveraging their ideas to establish viable economic pathways for themselves, their families and community, participants in our selective four month program are typically building creative enterprises or solving ubiquitous social problems. We provide highly motivated, talented cohorts with prime co-working space, a lean business boot camp, mentors and more.


The incubator provides Fairmount Indigo Corridor entrepreneurial residents with an access point for cross-disciplinary workshops, network building and a range of resources.


We also offer community space for meetings, exhibitions, idea exchange, educational and cultural events-including performances and talks.


FIL is part of the Fairmount Cultural Corridor, a collaborative Placemaking initiative and partnership which draws upon the local cultural assets and ethnic traditions along the Fairmount Commuter Line to support vibrant, livable neighborhoods and an active, sustainable local creative economy.