In Loving Memory

Liora Beer was the founding Executive Director of Artmorpheus and the Fairmont Innovation Lab. Beer’s experience spans over 20 years of work in creative industries, community building projects, economic development, arts, nonprofits, government and academia.

Liora Beer was a fashion designer in New York City, a painter in Vermont, and a sculptor in her South Boston studio before changing the direction of her life — and the lives of others. She was an advocate for artists of all disciplines.

“Working in her studio alone was ultimately not enough for Liora. She was too much of a people person,” said Felicia Douglis, a close friend who had been a classmate at Boston University. “Liora so wanted to make a difference in the world.”

In 2009, Liora became the founding executive director of Artmorpheus Inc, the parent company of which the Fairmount Innovation Lab (FIL) is a major program.

She then founded FIL in 2015, an organization that continues to serve underrepresented artists, creative and social entrepreneurs in the Boston area today.