Workshops and Events

We host networking events, community-based meetings, exhibitions, performances, talks, and other educational or cultural events. Most of these events are hosted at the Fairmount Innovation Lab (FIL) at 572 Columbia Road, Boston. For the most up-to-date listing, check the Lab's community calendar.

Artists Help Desk

Artists Help Desk offers artists of all disciplines one-on-one consultations with experts and art professionals including curators, gallerists, writers, outreach strategists, marketing whizzes and more. In partnership with the Boston Center for the Arts, Artmorpheus has hosted nine Artists Help Desk sessions to date, connecting over 130 artists with 30 experts.

Please check back here in July 2021 for the next Artist Help Desk session, when we will connect more artists with the individualized guidance and support they need.

Creative Resource Database

Building a creative enterprise can be complicated. At Artmorpheus, we strive to help artists and creative entrepreneurs find the specialized support, resources, and guidance that they need to accomplish their unique goals. We hope to soon offer a comprehensive Creative Resource Database to help artists and innovators connect with resources available to them. In the meantime, let us know what resources matter to you either by submitting a resource you're familiar with or requesting information on a resource that would strengthen your enterprise.